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Nothing conveys beauty and confidence like a brilliant smile. If your teeth look dingy or dull, Dr. Michael Cattafesta at Cattafesta Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Herndon, Virginia, can give you a professional whitening session that will put the sparkle back in your smile. Professional whitening looks brighter and is safer for your teeth than over-the-counter kits. If you’re ready to light up a room again, book an appointment online or over the phone.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why do teeth need to be whitened?

Over time, your teeth will start to look dark, yellow, or even dirty. These changes could be due to poor dental hygiene, but a number of other factors can also influence the color of your teeth.

Aging makes your teeth look darker, for instance, because your enamel layer wears down from the acids in foods and over-brushing. Underneath the enamel is a layer called the dentin, which is naturally grayish. With less enamel hiding the dentin, the gray color becomes more apparent.

Furthermore, some medications can stain your teeth, including tetracycline. A number of things we consume can also discolor enamel, including:

  • Tobacco  
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Berries
  • Colas

Why can’t I whiten teeth myself?

While you can try whitening your teeth with store-bought kits, you’ll likely be disappointed by the results. Over-the-counter methods can only lighten your teeth by a few shades and can take weeks to work.

Another drawback with store-bought kits is that the whitening trays aren’t custom-designed to fit your teeth. Also, the peroxide and other ingredients in some whitening products can irritate your gums.

Finally, without the supervision of an experienced dentist, such as Dr. Cattafesta, you can easily overbleach your teeth. Whitening your teeth too often can soften the protective enamel and cause tooth sensitivity.

Why should a professional whiten my teeth?

When you come to Cattafesta Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for a teeth-whitening consultation, Dr. Cattafesta will first examine your teeth, gums, and bones to make sure they are healthy. If there are any problems, he will attend to them first before moving on to teeth whitening.

Dr. Cattafesta uses a number of highly effective, safe, professional-grade whitening systems. He will choose the best one for you based on your needs and budget. An in-office whitening only takes about an hour and can lighten your teeth by up to eight shades.

He also custom designs at-home whitening kits. You can use the kit for touch-ups after a professional whitening, or you can use the kit to whiten teeth on your own.

Whiter teeth start with healthy teeth. Contact Cattafesta Family & Cosmetic Dentistry online or over the phone for a teeth-whitening evaluation today.